Soccer Saves’ Youth2Youth initiative has one outrageously ambitious goal – to connect every one of the 3 million+ youth soccer players in North America to teenagers in Africa that simply want an opportunity for a happier, healthier life.

Soccer Saves Mission Statement is as follows:

Soccer Saves is committed to helping create healthy lifestyles for disadvantaged youth by partnering with global humanitarian organizations that work to provide HIV/AIDS education, nutrition, gender equity and reproductive health education using the power of soccer—the world’s greatest game!

Youth2Youth volunteers support the Soccer Saves mission by:

By taking the initiative and starting fundraising projects in their schools, churches, temples, community and sports groups, students/kids will develop valuable leadership skills as well as cultivate an understanding of world needs and how they can become agents of change in the world.

For many students there will also be the bonus of earning high school community service credits through the support of Soccer Saves.

Youth2Youth Profiles
Here are some examples of teenagers just like you that are getting behind Soccer Saves:

The Baker Twins
The Baker Twins with CliffOur project pretty much appeared out of nowhere to be honest. One day in the summer of 2010, Jess just said, "Riley, do you want to do a bake sale this summer? and then we can donate the money we raise." For a while we discussed possible charities, and Soccer Saves came up, all thanks to a Public Service Announcement that we saw at a Seattle Sounders game. Further research proved it was perfect for the bake sale, letting us combine two things we both love to do, baking & soccer. Our first bake sale was a huge success and we were fortunate to have an unforgettable experience meeting Cliff McCrath and the Seattle Sounders. After meeting Cliff and listening to him talk about the plans that Soccer Saves has, we decided to keep on going with the fund raising. Since then, we have had several more bake sales at different events and hosted a jewelry party, all in hopes to raise enough money to build a Community Clubhouse Center (also called a CCC) along with a soccer field for the underprivileged kids in Ethiopia. As of today, 1-2-12, we have raised over $2000, which is about 1/3 of the way to our $6000 goal. We know we will get there! Soccer Saves is a great nonprofit and an incredible way for kids to help other kids. Well, that’s where it all started, and Cliff now refers to me and Jess as "The Baker Twins." Check out the video with us and Uncle Nubby! --Riley

How You Can Get Started
Anyone can be a Soccer Saves Youth2Youth Volunteer. To get started, complete our Volunteer Form and indicate you are interested in Youth2Youth in the comments.

Within a few days of submitting your application you will receive notification if you have been accepted into the program. Then, it’s all up to you!!! You will become part of the Soccer Saves Youth2Youth Team and receive periodic updates about what your fellow team members are doing to support Soccer Saves and youth in Africa.

Help Raise Funds for Soccer Saves and African Youth Just Like You
The money you raise can go a long way towards helping youth just like you receive life saving education about the lifestyle choices they make every day.

The Youth2Youth program can give you some ideas but the best fundraising programs are ones that you come up with yourself. Here are some ideas that our Youth2Youth Student Advisory Board came up with. These are good!! Feel free to steal any of these ideas. Or come up with your own and send us your best ones!!!

  1. Organize a 3 v 3 tournament … charge teams to enter and use the proceeds to support Soccer Saves
  2. Can of Goals for Soccer Saves -- For every goal scored at your soccer games, have the parents and team supporters put a quarter in the Can of Goals and at the end of the season donate the money to Soccer Saves.
  3. Juggle For Soccer Saves -- Have a Juggling Contest and collect pledges for the most consecutive juggles.
  4. Dribble Across Africa -- Like a walk-a-thon only using a soccer ball. Dribble for distance or dribble for time.
  5. Summer Soccer Tournament Car Wash -- Hold a car wash during your Club’s summer soccer tournament. Suggest a donation amount to Soccer Saves but be ready to get more for a job well done.
  6. Organize a benefit dinner or auction or both!!
  7. Talent Shows, Dances, you name it!! Use your creativity to come up with your own idea and then tell us about it so we can let other teams know what you have done!!!
  8. Give it up – give something up (e.g. morning latte, lunch out, a month of allowance) and to donate to Soccer Saves.

Soccer Saves Hall of Fame Recognition
The Soccer Saves Hall of Fame recognizes players, teams, clubs and any group that gets behind our effort to help African teenagers live happier, healthier lives. Show your support at these giving levels and we will put your name on our website.

Hall of Fame ($25,000 and higher)
World Champs ($10,000 and higher)
League Champs ($1,000 and higher)
Stars ($150 and higher)

Click here to see the names of those that have already shown their support for Soccer Saves.

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