Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a Player
There are hundreds of thousands of teenagers in Africa that simply want to “get a fair shot at life.” Through the Soccer Saves Player Sponsor Program, you can help the youth of Africa look like a champion on the field and receive life-saving healthy lifestyles lessons off the field.

Every Soccer Saves supporter that gives more than $150 will receive a Soccer Saves Sponsorship Report at the end of the year.

Sponsor a Coach or Peer Educator
Teenagers learn from teachers, parents, coaches and their peers. Soccer Saves focuses on providing coaches and peer educators with the life-saving lessons that they can in turn pass on to the sports-loving teenagers in their communities. Soccer Saves works closely with humanitarian organizations like Save the Children to reach out to the teenagers in the communities we serve – using the power of the greatest game in the world – soccer!!

Sponsor a coach or peer educator in honor of a coach that has made a difference in your life and receive a handsome Soccer Saves Certificate of Recognition. What better way to show your appreciation to a coach or teacher.